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Sewing Team

The Sewing Team covers several sub-teams of Angels who support the troops through their sewing skills. Whether you are an expert seamstress or just a casual hobbyist, you can help our Sewing Team meet the needs of the troops with your talents. Blankets of Hope even has a no-sew option!  You can join all the Sewing Team groups, or just one if you like. To join Soldiers' Angels and participate in the Sewing team click here to get started, or go to if you're already an Angel! Check out our latest newsletter, or click the following to learn more about each group:


"Just wanted to pass on a note of appreciation for all the great work you do for us. I'm here at the LRMC Wounded Warrior unit, with my SA flannel blanket and pillow case. Makes my bed my own! I have to tell you, the first few days I was here, there wasn't a pillowcase to be found, problem with the linen service. Thankfully, the SA pillow cases arrived, and were all snatched up that day." - Wounded Warrior

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